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Meet Suzy

Suzy Granger is the National Business Development Officer for DRDA CPAs BORSA® Plan. She works with entrepreneurs across the country that want to buy or start a business. Through the use of this powerful structure, her clients can access their retirement fund(s) without tax or penalty to use in their deal. Relying on a network of referral partners such as business brokers, SBA lenders, franchisors, and other professionals Suzy is motivated to help her clients to get their deals done. She is frequently asked to be a speaker on topics such as alternative financing for business purchases. Living in League City, Texas with her husband Tommy, she enjoys family, friends, and their numerous rescue animals.

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How The BORSA® Plan Works?

Setting You up for Financial Success by Investing in Yourself

Here is how a BORSA® Plan can work for you:

  • We create a corporation for you.
  • We create a new 401k plan for your corporation.
  • Qualified retirement funds roll into the new 401k plan.
  • You can now invest funds into your corporation.

All of This Without Tax or Penalties

A BORSA® Plan puts your existing retirement plans to work for you. The BORSA® Plan is a self-directed 401(k) plan that allows you to infuse equity from your existing 401K or IRA plan(s). This equity can be invested in company stock – in your own business.

Once you invest into a corporation, these funds can be used for the purchase of an existing business, start-up, franchise, or as working capital to pay normal corporate operating expenses WITHOUT being deemed a distribution subject to tax and/or penalties.

The Advantages of a
Self-Directed 401K

The Advantages of a Self-Directed 401K

The advantages to rolling over your IRA or existing 401K is your self-directed 401K is based on the same principles and laws as your employer funded 401K plan - meaning no taxes, no penalties and no interest to pay.

By investing in yourself, you are in control of your own destiny. Your new venture will start off on the right foot by having the capital to purchase a new business or franchise or make purchases for your business.

Our No Risk Guarantee

Borrow With Confidence

When you fund your new business using the BORSA® Plan, you can be as confident in our 401K business funding program as we are. Right now your retirement funds are being invested into other people’s businesses. A BORSA® Plan allows you to invest in yourself and your own company. When you are able to make more money from your business, our plan enables you to be able to put more away for your retirement - it’s a win-win!

Our No Risk Guarantee is based upon 2 factors; a 401K or IRA funding guarantee and a tax audit guarantee.

  • Roll over your retirement plan balance into a BORSA® Plan without tax or penalties.
  • Use your IRA rollover and/or 401(k) plan savings to buy, start or fund your business.
  • Use the BORSA® Plan for your Small Business Administration (SBA) or conventional loan.
  • Our plan is tax and penalty free, allowing you to save up to 40% or more.

We Are Up-To-Date and Well Versed on the Latest Laws and Compliances

  • We have lectured on the ERISA and IRS Sections that govern the use of 401(k)s to finance the purchase or start up of a business, or to purchase assets for your current business.
  • We have taught courses on compliance with this structure through NAGGL, Coleman Publishing, SCORE, and others.
  • We provide the SBA lender the documentation required to be compliant with any post-close reviews by the SBA.
Client Success Stories


Starting a Business with your 401k Withdrawal

Since starting the BORSA® Plan in 2002, we have created thousands of plans. Here are a few of the comments clients have made after the closing. If you would like to share your experience with DRDA and the BORSA® Plan, you can email it here

DRDA as a whole has been incredible! I tell you what, there were so many things I was worried about going into this back in December/January when we first decided we needed to try and do this. And though it has been a long hard road there has only been a couple of things that have honestly make things sudo difficult but we've been able to traverse them... And honestly, if it hadn't been for so many wonderful people there may have been times I might have wanted to throw in the towel, but it just felt like even when we were faced with an impossible challenge we had so many people on our side, cheering us on, encouraging me that we could do it. And out of all of the organizations we had worked with I HAVE to say that DRDA has had the MOST positive people, that seemingly had things done before they started them! Suzy, Darci, Paulina, Doug and everyone else that makes it all happen there. I appreciate all of your help! In Faith,


I just wanted to take a second and tell you how great the experience was working with you, DRDA, and the entire BORSA team. From beginning to end the process was smooth and timely. I especially appreciate the ways you considered my unique situation and designed a plan that would work for me and stay within the government regulations. In addition, the go forward reminders about when payments and forms are due is a great service at no additional cost that gives me the comfort as a novice business owner that I will not miss any important deadlines and incur any unnecessary fines or fees. Thanks again for everything,


It has been a great pleasure working with DRDA. You guys were always professional, courteous, and helpful. You made the entire process, if not exactly fun :-), mostly painless. Thanks so much,


Setting up the BORSA plan through DRDA was painless and completed in record time. The follow-up from DRDA was exceptional in terms of explanation and preparation for moving forward. I was very pleased with my experience and interactions with DRDA. If someone I knew was thinking about a model similar to the BORSA plan, I would strongly recommend they use DRDA.


While researching my options as I worked to open a microbrewery in Walker, MN, I stumbled upon DRDA and their BORSA plan as I searched the Internet. At that time I was employed by IBM and was debating my options in terms of financing my endeavor. I was able to obtain a loan from a local bank, but then when I found that I was going to be laid off by my employer I immediately engaged DRDA who helped me to revoke my existing subchapter S corporation status, returning it to a C-Corporation, and then set up my corporation's 401(k) plan into which I rolled my IBM 401(k) and pension. I was then able to access 100% of those funds without tax or penalty which I used to purchase additional equipment and to shore up my collateral with the bank. The BORSA plan has been invaluable, and I highly recommend it. Cheers,


I felt it was necessary to send a big THANK YOU to the staff at DRDA for their hard work and dedication. They brought what was essentially an idea in my mind, to a complete solution in a relatively short period of time. It is absolutely incredible how coordinated and detailed they have been for a concept that could have been much more complex if I dealt with a less qualified company. I feel I have been armed with the knowledge that is required about the structure that is set up for my business and Profit Sharing Plan, and have a great bench at DRDA to back me for support and answers for the questions that might arise. I highly recommend the team at DRDA for their BORSA program and ability to turn dreams into reality.